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Maryland collegians, this site's for you!  MC is career focused, featuring supportive lifestyle information from Maryland resources.  Looking for a way to enhance the connection between personal life and gainful employment?  It's all one world at

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While we think of career as a permanent calling, or our life's work, on average, Americans change careers, not just jobs, seven times in their work lives.

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It's the way we live, encompassing our values, our ideals and ideas, our habits, and our pastimes. It's what we love and do or don't love and don't do.  All that.  Our style.

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Maryland College Town

We are community, and the web is the ultimate inter-connector for sharing what's happening across campuses, neighborhoods, Maryland, and alumni networks everywhere.

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It's Your Career. Go For It!

Maryland Collegian is offered for college students taking formal and informal courses on campuses throughout the state.  Get information from Maryland employers, career counselors, academicians, and other everyday folks in and around your communities on career opportunities and lifestyle options.  Go for it, in Maryland, ranked by the U.S. Census as the wealthiest and one of the most educated states in the nation, where so many of your career and supportive lifestyle resources are your neighbors.