Counseling | Five Reasons to Visit Your Career Counseling Office Now

Career Services.  Been there?  It's never too early ... or too late to visit your campus career center.  Here's why.

1 | Knowledge is power.

Find out at the beginning of your college career ... or at least early in the 2018 academic year ... what resources are available to help you with career development and job placement. For example, most campus career offices provide services to help their students choose a major or career pathsharpen job hunting skillsmeet employersavoid job scams, and more.

2 | Collaboration makes sound business sense.

An early start leaves time for you to suggest services or recruiters in career areas that may not already be in the lineup for your campus.

3 | A day late could mean a dollar short.

Don't miss out on opportunities to attend helpful training and information sessions or to sign up to interview with recruiters.

4 | It's not just what you know but also who you know.

Networking is key.  Adding the professionals in your campus career office to your network of people who can help you find and take advantage of career opportunities is a no-brainer.

5 | Better late than never.

Graduating seniors, procrastinators, and victims of analysis paralysis, there's still time to seek the help of career counseling professionals. Hurry, hustle, take heed, and any number of other helpful "H" words.  Hello. 

Campus Career Offices

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