Reality 101 | Spring 2017 | “Better Late Than Never” Job Hunting

Oh my. Don’t be in denial.  It’s spring, you’re late. Here are MC’s best bets if you are just beginning your “jobs by June” journey.


Ace your LinkedIn profile. Employers really do cruise LinkedIn for job candidate leads, so be there, spit-shined, front and center or be invisible.  Also, LinkedIn recently released a new format that may have derailed what you currently have online.  Mike Shelah’s “No Job? No Wonder?! Your Profile Sucks!” could help. Join Mike’s mailing list for a free 12 point LinkedIn profile review.

Clean up your Internet postings.  Don’t lose face over ill advised Facebook and other social media postings. Be mindful of posts that could depict you or the desired employer in a less than undesirable light.

Go digital. Let as many of the right people know as possible what your career and job objectives and assets are. Getting volume means going online to search for jobs, post your resume, and fill out applications.  Visit MC’s The J-O-B for generic and specialized job search engines.


Call your phone.  Is your voicemail ready for prime time?  Now is not the time for funky voicemail music and “wassup” messages.

“Shake a hand, make a friend.” Reach out and touch someone, in a politically correct manner, of course. Let family, friends, and associates who are on your side know that you are job hunting. Volunteer for a short stint activity that puts you in close proximity to potential employers. Go to career fairs, but also ask career related business and trade association events hosts whether students can attend free or at a discount. Meetings, conferences, and trade shows in your career field can be excellent venues to rub shoulders and exchange business cards with employer prospects.

Get professionally printed business cards. At professional networking events, a business card is part of the uniform. Resumes are for emails and job and career fairs.  Business cards are for business  and social events.  Just sayin’, what would an executive do with your resume at a awards banquet? Fold it up and put it in his man purse?



Get professional help. When is the last time you had a job interview? Interviews and other forms of job screening beyond application and resume reviews can occur person, on the phone, over chat, one-on-one, in groups, and more. Be prepared.

Ever vigilant employers hungry for good job prospects even size candidates up in informal meetings and social settings. If you are rusty and need a brush up or  just plain don’t know the ropes, your campus career and placement office can be the logical 3-P’s first stop shop for help on:

(1) Preparing a “better late than never” job hunting strategy.

(2) Prospecting to identify viable employment leads.

(3) Packaging your written and onsite presentations:

  • Your business card, resumes, application responses, and cover and thank you letters and emails.
  • Your networking and interview appearance, demeanor, elevator speech, call to action pitch, and responses to standard and unanticipated questions and comments.

MC also features info on off-campus counseling services.