Reality 101 | Summer 2017 | Ho-Hum Summer Bummer

“My summer job is so boring.” | “How boring is it?” | “It’s so boring my employer fell asleep during my job interview.”

MC offers three strategies and a TLC bonus approach to dealing with a less than exciting summer job.

(1) You snooze you lose.  Perhaps you have not paid enough dues to be inducted into the “time is money” club, but hopefully you are already a member of the “I’ve got better things to do with my time” association. Why settle for no return on your June-July-August  (three months, count’em) time investment without giving an attempt to improve your circumstances the old college try?

(2) Have you asked for a more interesting assignment? With a practical skill set under belt in an area of value to your employer, perhaps you can be transferred to another project or work unit of the organization or take on an interesting assignment along with your boring assignment.

If it’s a summer work-study job and you haven’t suffered too long (read “waited too long”), could you be moved to another job placement entirely? This could work particularly well if an impartial third party organization (like your campus employment office, campus financial aid office, or an external temp agency and not your current employer) can help you make the switch.

(3) Love the one you’re with? If you are stuck with your boring summer job, be careful who you complain to, what you ask for, how you ask for it, and the rest. Being a disgruntled, ungrateful jerk won’t buy you love, especially if you barge in demanding to be moved and end up staying right where you are. Try a little tenderness. After all, people are people. (Read, “fallible human beings who attempt to retaliate and often succeed.)


T is for talk to yourself. Fill your working hours with positive self-talk (not necessarily out loud). Prayers, positive affirmations, whatever your passion or poison could be all that you need to get through even those days when you just want to nod off. Are there worthwhile “lessons learned” byproduct to be had by toughing out your boring job.

L is for let it go.  It is what it is. Would a visual help you pass the time? Can you imagine you’re somewhere else doing anything else without becoming safety hazard? Perhaps one of those digital count down apps will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Deep breathing may become the relaxation technique of choice, as it can be done almost anytime, anywhere, to help relieve stress that often races along side paianfully meandering boredom.

Then there’s the literal meaning for those who cannot bear the burden of a boring job. Let it go, leave in a professional manner, which typically means giving appropriate notice to an appropriate person in an appropriate  way.

C is for choose your battles. If you feel you can’t just quit, can you cope, at least until you can do better? Cope:  To deal effectively with something difficult. Source: Google

  • Can you focus on the benefits of the job as oppose to railing against the establishment that’s feeds you?
  • Do you have an after work life that can tide you over enough to let the rest go?
  • Have you looked for the silver lining; some boring jobs are not allbad. Is perception your reality?
  • What aspects of this job do you actually value? Are your co-workers interesting, is the money good, are you honing skills that you will need in a more desirable iteration of your work life?

Note: The author of this article would rather be broke than bored, though she would not wish either on anyone. All of the above tactics have been tried by the author; whether true, on the other hand, is in the eye of the beholder.